Space911 (Beta)
Activities Building Software For Fans of Brands

You've been hired to increase engagement for a Brand or organization. If you are responsible for increasing Fan, Community, or Employee Engagement then you have come to the right page.

We connect your Brands fans or organizations employees to all the activities being hosted by members of your community or organization.

You have a membership fan club and you don't want to do all the manual community building on your own.

Let us help you impress your boss with awesome engagement metrics.

Integrate Our Activity Creating Tools & Group Bonding API's Into Your Web Properties

Fans can create or join game fan created spaces like Monopoly, Fortnite, DnD, Magic, Jack Box, and Sociables face to face with people who enjoy the same hobbies. Fans can create fun spaces for people who are interested in your Brand. All you need is access to a smartphone to run your engagement empire when you use our product. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Fans Can Discover Before & After Fun

Members of your fanbase can become activity Hosts and start hosting online or in-person, activity spaces for fans of your Brand to join. We've made it easier for fans to hang out with one another. For example, a fan might Host a pre tailgate, watch, or group activity after party. Our software will automate, schedule, and measure this engagement in our dashboard for you.

Build Trust
Become a verified Host or a verified Guest

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(Pronounced ‘Space Nine One One’)

Users of our tools love our product because it allows their students, clients, fans, and employees to create fun spaces to have activities such as game, karaoke, trivia, poker, pay per view nights etc.

The same way our Bonding API helps Fans interact; it will also help your students, clients, or organizations employees engage with others as well. Users use our activities software to create group and team bonding spaces within your businesses platform, or apps.

Hosts and Guests can join these activities both in-person or over the Internet using live streams. Our first live video chat room product allows small, fun groups of 1-15 people to speak to one another per session. Our second live video chat room product allows one speaker to talk to an audience of up to 250, 000 listeners.

For Fans with a (I just want to have fun with other fans as a Guest) use case please head to the app store and sign up for a free account.

For Developers and Organizations with a business use case please head to our Business section.